Decline Contract Agreement
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If you have received an online agreement via Dockwa from your marina, but you don't intend to keep your slip this year, you can Decline the Agreement.

This will let the marina know you don't plan to re-sign for your slip, as well as stop the email messages from Dockwa.

If you have already paid the marina for your slip - the marina might still want you to sign this online agreement - please check with them before declining.

To decline the agreement via Dockwa, you will need to have a Dockwa Account. Alternately, you can call the marina and ask them to cancel on your behalf.

How to Decline your agreement via Dockwa?

  1. When you click the Review and Sign Agreement button in your email, you will be prompted to login to Dockwa or create an account first.

  2. Once you are logged in you will land on this page. From here you can click Decline Agreement.

  3. You will see the confirmation window.

Note: The digital contract cannot be accessed on Internet Explorer, as this web browser is no longer supported by Dockwa or Microsoft.

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