Pay for your Contract by Cash, Check, ACH Deposit
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If you are signing an agreement with your marina through Dockwa, you will need to ensure all of the steps in the submission process are completed and that your agreement is successfully submitted.

Step 3 of the agreement you will be asked to select your payment option. If you plan to pay the marina directly via cash, check, or set up by ACH deposit you will want to select the "Cash/Check/ACH" option.

If you are not provided with this option your marina may only accept payment by card. If you have questions about this be sure to message the marina for more information: Message marina about your contract

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Open the contract quote email sent to you by clicking the "Go to agreement" link

  • Then follow the steps below to sign agreement, add required info and select your payment

    1. "Review & Sign Agreement"

    2. "Add Required Information"

    3. "Confirm & Pay"

      • Select the Cash, Check, or ACH

      • Click "Confirm and Pay" to submit the agreement back to the marina

Selecting the Cash, Check, ACH payment option will require you to pay the marina directly via mail or in person. When the marina receives your payment you will receive a digital receipt for the cash/check payment via email for the completed transaction.

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