Add a Special Request to your Reservation
Updated over a week ago

While making a reservation request on or the Dockwa mobile app, you can add a Special Request to your reservation request on the Overview/Checkout page. This note will be included in your reservation request for the Dockmaster to see.

Special Requests include but are not limited to:

  • Slip / Mooring Preference

  • Yacht / Cruising Club Reciprocity Affiliation

  • AGLCA Membership

  • Traveling with Friends, Baby, Dog, etc.

This Special Request must be submitted prior to checkout (clicking the "submit" button). If you forget to communicate your request prior to submitting your reservation request, an alternative way to communicate is by sending a message to the marina via your Dockwa reservation. For more information on how to message the marina, please check out the articles below.

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