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Add Myself to Multiple Waitlists for the Same Dates
Add Myself to Multiple Waitlists for the Same Dates
Updated over a week ago

Can I add myself to multiple marina Waitlists for the same dates?

Absolutely! You can definitely add yourself to multiple Waitlists to see which marina is able to contact you back with an open slip. A Waitlist request is not the same as a reservation request - this means that it is not a guarantee of a slip. If you no longer want to visit a marina you have a Waitlist request at, you can cancel it through your Dockwa Account > How to Cancel your Waitlist Request

Next Step: The marinas will reach out to you directly if space becomes available for your requested dates. If you still want to visit, the marina can create a reservation for you at that time. So be sure to monitor your email or phone for updates from those marinas!

If a marina ever confirms you off their waitlist without speaking to you or contacting you first - please reach out to the Dockwa Support Team here for assistance: Submit Request Here

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