Find a Marina's Check-In and Check-out Time
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Check-in and check-out times can be found directly on Marinas Dockwa profile page. If you have a confirmed reservation with that marina, this information will also be available on the confirmation email that was sent to you when the marina Confirmed your reservation.

For instructions on how to locate this information via please see below:

  1. Search for the marina by name or city on the Dockwa Search Page

  2. Click the marina you are looking for, this will bring you to that marina’s Dockwa profile page

  3. Here you will find their check-in and out times at the top of profile, next to their address, phone number, and the marina's preferred VHF channel. (See screenshot below)

NOTE: If you have further questions for the marina about timing - you can "Message the marina" through your Dockwa account or confirmation email. Here's How

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