Print Out My Confirmation for Upcoming Trip
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Looking for the best way to Print out your Confirmation for an upcoming Trip?

We advise using the printer friendly version of your reservation ​accessible from within your Dockwa account. Please see instructions below:

  1. View your Trips (Instructions Here)

  2. Select the reservation you would like to print out

  3. Click the "Print Reservation" button

    • If this print out does not fit to an 8 1/2 x 11 page, please adjust the scale of the print out to fit it to the page. If you would like it to be on one page, I would advise only printing page 1 of 2.


Alternatively we would suggest you download the Dockwa mobile app (available on iOS and Android). Download Dockwa Here. The app allows you to travel with a confirmation in your pocket. All reservations are available offline on Dockwa app - no wifi or service needed to view. Using the app may even eliminate the step of printing out your confirmations all together, saving some paper.

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