Change the Email Address on your Dockwa Account
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In order to update your email in your Dockwa account this action must be done on a laptop, desktop, or mobile web browser. It cannot be done through the Dockwa mobile app. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Update your email address (see screenshot below)

  2. Click "Update Profile" to save

Please Note: You will be directed to an error message ("this email is already in use") if you attempt to change your email to one that you already have an existing account under. Even if you have created two accounts under two different emails by mistake. If you get this error message, use the preferred email to log in here. If you have forgotten your password to this account - you can do a password re-set HERE.

If you think you have two accounts and need assistance signing into the right one, or are having other difficulties, feel free to reach out to Dockwa Support for assistance. You can submit a request here: Submit a Request

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