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Overview of ACH as a Payment Method on Dockwa
Overview of ACH as a Payment Method on Dockwa
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What is ACH?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and it is a way to digitally move money between US banks (you can think of it as a digital check). To learn how to connect your bank account, check out this article: Connecting Your Bank Account on Dockwa

The Benefit of ACH Payments for Boaters:

  • Save time with instant bank account integration in Dockwa, you can skip filling out paper authorization forms for bank details, making payment processing even more efficient.

  • Never be late on a payment again!

    • By paying with your bank account, direct debit automatically deducts scheduled payments from your selected account.

Are ACH Payments Secure?

  • Yes! A new boater-facing payment portal allows seamless connection of your bank account to Dockwa with instant verification and authorization, ensuring enhanced privacy and security over traditional paper authorizations.

  • ACH transactions are subject to strict regulatory requirements that increase their security and reliability.

  • Neither Dockwa nor our payment processor stores your banking credentials.

Have more questions? Take a look at this article: ACH Payments - Frequently Asked Questions

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