What is a Charge?
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A "Charge" is any item or service, other than your dockage or sales tax, that you would like the marina to "charge to your boat" (i.e. your reservation or contract) during your stay at the marina, much like you would charge something to your room at a hotel. You can request that a marina charge you this way - or you may see that a marina has added a charge to your reservation/bill to cover miscellaneous items. Marinas have the option to charge you the day they apply the charge, or as part of your next scheduled bill.

Examples of items you can charge to your boat:

  • Supplies: Anchor, lines

  • Services: Cleaning service, Hull Cleaning service, pump-outs, mechanical repairs

  • Metered Electric: Dock Electric fees

  • Other: Ice, Bait, marina service fee, key deposits

Charges were created for your convenience so that you don't have to be constantly pulling out your wallet on the dock! If you have a question about a specific boat charge, you can contact the marina through the Dockwa messaging tool. See below for instructions:

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