Add my Safe Harbor Membership (Online Only)
Updated over a week ago

In order to use your Safe Harbor Membership 2023 transient benefit, you will need to link your Safe Harbor Membership Card number to your Dockwa account.

Once you have your 12-digit Safe Harbor Membership Card number, follow the instructions below. * Please note that the Membership Card number must be added online using a computer, tablet or mobile browser, and cannot be added using the Dockwa App.

  1. Log in to your Dockwa account (instructions)

  2. Navigate to your Account Settings or click this link

  3. Scroll down to "Safe Harbor Membership" section

  4. Input the credentials into their respective fields (pictured below)

    1. Enter your Safe Harbor Membership Card number with NO SPACES

    2. Your last name must match the name listed on your Safe Harbor slip/storage agreement


If you followed these steps, and are still encountering issues please visit: Trouble inputting my Safe Harbor Membership Card number

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