Add BoatUS Membership to Dockwa App
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If you are a BoatUS Member you can upload your membership into your Dockwa Account with the following information: Last Name, Zip Code, BoatUS Membership ID #

With that information in hand, please follow the instructions below to (pictures below):

  1. Open Dockwa App

  2. Select the "Profile" tab (Log In or Sign Up on this tab)

  3. Select "BoatUS Membership"

  4. Enter membership info and select "Add Membership"

    • If the membership fails to verify in Dockwa, please verify with BoatUS that you have the correct info. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: Find my Boat US Membership Details

    • If you continue to have trouble after verifying your info with BoatUS, please contact [email protected]


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