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Update Expired BoatUS Membership on File in Dockwa Account
Update Expired BoatUS Membership on File in Dockwa Account
Updated over a week ago

Are your BoatUS discounts not showing up in your reservation to a BoatUS participating marina? If not, it is likely that your BoatUS information on file in Dockwa has expired. To update the membership information in Dockwa, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Account Drop-down menu (top right) and choose "Account"

  2. On the Account tab, scroll down to the BoatUS Membership section (Screenshot Below)

    • Here you will find your membership info prepopulated, but the membership will not show as "Verified"

    • If the membership information is unchanged, simply click "Update Membership"

    • If the membership information has changed, click "Remove Membership", then enter the new information into the form and click "Add Membership"

If you experience any trouble adding or updating the membership please check to make sure your membership is verified with BoatUS (link here).

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