FAQ for Dockwa Boaters
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Get answers to the most-asked questions about Dockwa for boaters. Still need help? Our support team is standing by.

Question: Does Dockwa provide real-time availability for marinas?

Answer: No, at this time Dockwa does not provide 100% real-time availability for marinas. While Dockwa does provide tools for marinas to manage their available inventory and restrict booking on dates where they know they are already at capacity, the actual management of availability varies amongst marinas, which is why availability cannot be updated in real-time. This variation depends on factors like the marina's dock configuration or their policies around waitlisting. Therefore, the availability you see when making a reservation request is only an estimate until the marina confirms your request.


Question: Will my card be charged when submitting a reservation request?

Answer: No, Dockwa does not charge payment upfront for reservation requests. Your card is only saved on file and will not be charged until the marina confirms your reservation.


Question: Does every marina on Dockwa have the same cancellation policy?

Answer: No, each marina has their own unique cancellation policy. You may find the cancellation policy for a marina within the “Info” section on their Dockwa page.


Question: I just submitted my reservation request. When will I know if my request is confirmed?

Answer: You will receive a confirmation email once your reservation is confirmed. We strongly recommend marinas to respond to reservation requests as soon as possible. To assist in helping set expectations for boaters around a marina's response time, we recently released an update that provides the marina's "typical response time". You can see this when requesting a reservation on the marina's profile on Dockwa.


Question: Can I change the dates of my confirmed reservation within my Dockwa account on my end?

Answer: No, at this time it is not possible for boaters to change reservation dates from their Dockwa account. Reservation date changes must be handled by the marina directly because they will need to first determine if there is availability for the new dates you wish to change to. You do have the ability to message the marina through your confirmed reservation and make a request for specific changes.


Question: I canceled my reservation and received a full refund. How long will it take for me to see that refund in my bank account?

Answer: The average processing time for refunds is between 3-7 business days, but this can vary depending on your bank’s processing time.


Question: Why do some marinas not take reservations on Dockwa yet they are displayed on the website?

Answer: Dockwa was created with the mission to grow boating by getting more boaters on the water and connecting more boaters with more marinas. Not all marinas wish to take online reservations for unique reasons, but we still welcome them to be a part of the Dockwa network so boaters can discover as many marinas as possible in their area.


Question: What is the difference between submitting an inquiry and a reservation request?

Answer: Inquiries are meant for you to learn about long-term dockage, storage, or other marina services. Whereas reservation requests are intended for short-term transient dockage or moorage.


Question: Do I need to contact Dockwa Support to make a reservation?

Answer: Dockwa Support is not able to make reservations on the boater’s behalf at this time, however, Support agents are more than happy to walk the boater through how to make a reservation on their end. Also, marinas who use Dockwa are able to make reservations on the boater’s behalf if necessary.

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