Explore marinas by Region
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Explore on Dockwa.com

Once on Dockwa.com, select "Explore". Here you're able to scroll through regions and select your desired marina destination.


Once you have selected a region, you can view marinas located there. You can view and compare rates, Marinas.com reviews, and services and amenities offered by each marina. Please note, not every single marina in the region is listed - if you do not see the marina you are looking for, use the general search page on Dockwa instead to look up the marina by name.

See the example below for Newport, RI:


Explore on the Dockwa App

Once you log in to Dockwa, tap the "Explore" icon at the bottom of your screen within the app to search and explore the different marinas on Dockwa. (The icon will be at the top for android users).

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