Month to Month Reservation Setup
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Step by Step Instructions for Month to Month Reservation Setup:

  1. To begin select New Reservation on the left-hand navigation panel (or skip to step three by clicking New Reservation from the Customer Profile). Do not worry about the rate until Step 4.

  1. Choose the estimated Arrival date and any Departure date over a month from that start date (the system needs an end date, but once you make the reservation month to month it will be ignored, until you end the reservation someday in the future).

  1. Fill in the customer information in Step 2 and boat information in Step 3.

  1. In Step 4 make sure to confirm the Arrival and Departure dates (once again the estimated arrival and departure dates can be any date longer than one month in duration).

  2. Enter the desired Payment Method information.

  3. From the Rates dropdown in the bottom right corner select Enter a custom rate:

  1. Select the Add Custom Rate button and choose Month to Month at the top:

  1. Fill in the Monthly Dockage Rate and tax. Any monthly add-ons like wi-fi, locker fees, or one time charges like security deposits can be added on after through the Charges Tool.

  2. Lastly in Step 4, you can adjust and confirm the dates of arrival, leave a special request, edit the custom rate settings (if needed), and set the payment method. Once everything is entered and finalized, you can choose to send the customer a confirmation email. Select Create Reservation to confirm the reservation. If your customer needs to sign a contract then you can do all this and save the settings per slip size or per foot of the vessel in our Contracts Tool.

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