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Edit the Dates on a Boater's Confirmed Reservation
Edit the Dates on a Boater's Confirmed Reservation
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If a boater messages the marina and requests to extend, reduce, or adjust the dates on their reservation, you have the tools to make those changes.

Editing the Reservation:

To process this adjustment in Dockwa, open the boater's reservation and select the Edit button in the top right corner.


This will open the Edit Reservation menu.



To change the date, select a new Arrival or Departure date from the calendar dropdown menu.


Space Type

You also have the option to change the Space Type of a reservation, if you need to change from a dock space to a mooring, or vice versa.



Finally, you can change the Power option if the boater needs a different electric setup from what they initially requested.


Pricing Change

Any adjustment you make to the current selections of the reservation may affect the total price. You can compare these changes at the bottom of the Edit Reservation menu.

Current Price lists the total amount for the reservation as it stands

New Price lists the total amount for the reservation after the proposed adjustments have been applied


If the New Price is greater than the Current Price, you can continue on to Update Reservation with the option to Send Email Update to Boater.


If the New Price is less than the Current Price, you will have the option to retain the difference by adding an Adjustment Fee with the Add Fee button. This may apply if the update results in a refund and the customer is not eligible for a refund due to your marina's cancellation policy.


You are free to select the amount you wish to charge, and name the description of the charge as it will appear on the invoice.


The pricing of the reservation will adjust automatically. You can compare the Current Price with the New Price before finalizing your update.

Billing Section

Once the changes to the reservation have been processed, you will see the Billing section update.

    • If the price has increased the scheduled payment will either be set to charge right away or will be included in the next scheduled bill.

    • If the price has decreased the scheduled payment will either be set to refund the full amount right away or will remove/cancel scheduled payments for items that had been removed in the Edit.


For more information on scheduled payments, please review: What are Scheduled Payments?

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