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Manually Enter a Reservation for a Boater Using the Custom Rate and Billing Tool
Manually Enter a Reservation for a Boater Using the Custom Rate and Billing Tool
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If you need to create a reservation for a customer with a custom rate or billing schedule, use the "Custom Rate" option available in the "New Reservation" workflow. This tool can also be used to create reservations that are outside of the marina's boater requested online booking restrictions set on the account (I.E. greater than max LOA or greater than max reservation length).


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. To begin Select "New Reservation" on the left-hand navigation panel and then select "Enter a customer rate" from the dropdown menu on the right

  2. On the custom rate settings page, enter the rate, pricing structure, and tax

    • For a definition of each field, please review Contract & Custom Billing Rate Configuration Explained

    • Be Advised: This tool is designed for Long Term Reservations. If you are creating a short term (less than 30 nights) we would advise setting the reservation up with a Pricing Structure of a "Per Season" or "Per Foot Per Season" rate. Set the per season pricing structure to match the total dockage value.

  3. When the price is right, click "Create Reservation" and proceed to Steps 2, 3, and 4

  4. Step 2:

    • "Select" if choosing an existing customer

    • "Create Customer" if creating new

  5. Step 3:

      • "Select Boat" if choosing an existing customer

      • "Create Boat" if creating new

  6. Step 4, the final step, will let you adjust and confirm the dates of arrival, leave a special request, edit the custom rate settings (if needed), and set the payment method. Once everything is entered and finalized, click "Create Reservation" to confirm the reservation and send the customer a confirmation email.

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