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The contract management page allows you to view and manage all of your contracts created through Dockwa. This page separates storage contracts (seasonal/annual, month-to-month contracts) from transient reservations. In order to access the contract management page you will want to select "Contracts" from the main navigation menu. There are two tabs on this page - Manage and Configure. We will talk about the Configure tab later in this article.

Note: The existing Reservations page and the 'Todays Boats' page have been updated to only display transient reservations.


Filters/Search By

You have the ability to search for a contract by Captain Name, Boat Name, or ID.


In addition, you can filter the page in a variety of ways. For example, if you want to see all of the contracts that have been sent out but not signed yet, you will select the "Sent" option from the dropdown.


Status Guide:



Boater Declined

Boater received a contract agreement but declined it and didn't complete it.


The boater or marina canceled the contract.

Completed in House

Boater signed the contract outside Dockwa and the marina marked it as completed on their end.


Boater did not respond to the contract agreement emails sent by the marina via Dockwa; the marina eventually expired the contract.


Marina was unable to send contract because of invalid email address (or incorrectly typed).


Marina has sent the contract agreement to the boater but it has not been signed yet.


Boater has signed and completed the contract agreement process.


Marina has created the contract quote but has not sent it to the boater yet.


The boater's email has been added to Dockwa's blocklist. This can happen when their email provider marks our emails as spam. In order to remove their email from the blocklist you will want to chat, email, or call Dockwa's Support Team and they can best assist you.

You can also view all of the contracts within one specific group by filtering by "Contract Group". For example, if you want this page to only display all contracts in the 14 X 30 Contract Group, you can select the box next to that group within the dropdown.


If you prefer the contracts to be in a specific order you can use the "Sort By" tool. For example, if you want all of the contracts to be filtered by the start date, you will want to select that option from the dropdown. Once it has been selected you will see that the order of columns displaying "Start Date" has changed. It will display contracts with a start date furthest in the future first and continue to descend in that order.


Configuring Contracts

You will notice towards the upper right-hand side of the contracts screen, a tab that says "Configure". This is where you will edit or add new contract groups, add an individual contract quote to a group, and manage all of the marina's documents that need to be included within the contract agreement when it is sent to the boater.

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