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Turn Off Auto-Renew on Recurring Contracts
Turn Off Auto-Renew on Recurring Contracts
Updated over a week ago

If you have a customer set up on Auto-Renew for a contracted reservation and they wish to cancel their auto-renewal, please follow the steps below to complete the action:

  • Search by customer name from the "Customers" tab on the left-hand navigation panel

  • Click on the customer to view the customer's contact profile

    • Open the "Contracts" tab from their contact profile

    • Click the "Reservation" link under the "actions" column to open the contract agreement

  • Once on the contract agreement, find the "Turn Off Auto-Renew" button (see screenshot below)

  • Click "Turn Off Auto-Renew" and then confirm this action on the final verification screen, as it can not be undone

Once the auto-renew has been turned off, the auto-renew information that was previously listed on the contract agreement will be removed. Should you wish to notify the customer that this action has been done, we would advise using the "Chat" feature to send them a direct message. See link below for more info on Chat: Instructions to Chat a Customer

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