Edit Contract Settings
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Whether you are configuring a Contract Group or an individual Contract, this article will walk you through each of the settings.

  1. Add (previously uploaded) documents to the contract by checking the box

  2. Document Notes - section to include specific requirements for customer to be aware of prior to signing contract. i.e. Insurance Binder required prior to arrival

  3. Add the dates which you are agreeing to have the boater arrive and depart

  4. Select the Space Type

  5. Contract Billing - You can select the dates at which you want to start and finish billing, the rate at which the boater is to receive, and the frequency of which it will bill

  6. Fees and Discounts can be added individually. To add one of these items, select the Category, add a name, set the price and click the "Apply Electric/Fee/Discount" button to save it into the contract group default settings

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