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How to Install the Dockwa "Book Now" Web Badge on your Website?
How to Install the Dockwa "Book Now" Web Badge on your Website?
Updated over a week ago

The Dockwa Web Badge is the easiest way to integrate the Dockwa with your website. It's a simple button that will create a streamlined reservation experience for your website visitors and increase your marina's visit to reservation conversion rate (by as much as 50%).

To install the Dockwa Web Badge, you need to login to your Dockwa account, grab the Badge code and paste in into your website. Here's a step by step rundown of what to do:

  1. Click on your Account Settings page: Once logged-in, click on "Account" and then "Settings" from the main navigation of Dockwa.

  2. Copy the badge HTML code from this page and paste it into your website homepage: The code will be located right on your Settings page, and you'll be able to copy the code and paste it into your website. Make sure that when pasting it into your site, you paste it into an "HTML" module, so that it renders as the button itself, and not the code.

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