Connect Guide for Oracle NetSuite
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This guide will walk you through the process of setting up an integration user on your NetSuite instance so that you can successfully connect to Dockwa and automatically sync your financial data between the two systems.

Create a new role

  1. In NetSuite, log in as an administrator

  2. Go to Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Roles -> New

  3. Enter the role details

  4. Select All under Accessible Subsidiaries

  5. In the Permissions tab, select the permissions to grant

Minimum set of permissions needed for this role:





Make Journal Entry









Accounting Lists

Deleted Records

Log in using Access Tokens

REST Web Services

SOAP Web Services




Create a new user

  1. Go to Lists -> Employees -> New

  2. Enter the employee details

  3. In the Access tab, select Give Access and Manually Assign or Change Password

  4. Stay on the Access tab and go to Roles. Select the role that you created in the above step, then click Add

Create an Application

  1. In NetSuite, log out as administrator and login as the newly created user

  2. Go to Setup -> Integrations -> Manage integrations ->New

  3. Enter the details.

    1. Select Token-Based Authentication

    2. Select Authorization Code grant

    3. Select REST Web services

    4. Callback URL:

    5. Redirect URI:

  4. Once saved, the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be generated. Save this information. You will need it in the final setup step.

Create Access tokens

  1. Go to Setup -> Users/Roles -> Access Tokens -> New

  2. Enter the details. Once saved, the Account Token ID and Secret will be generated. Save this information. You will need it in the final setup step.

Find your Account ID

  1. Go to Setup -> Company -> Company Information

  2. Copy the Account ID

Connect to Dockwa

  1. In Dockwa, log in as an administrator or user with a finance role.

  2. In the navigation bar, click Integrations

  3. In the Setup tab, click Connect to NetSuite

  4. Enter the Account ID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token ID and Access Token Secret

Congratulations! Your NetSuite instance is now connected to Dockwa.

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