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If you are having difficulty requesting a reservation, we would advise that you first Sign Up for a new account or Log into your existing account.  Once logged in, please review that all of your Account Information is correct and up to date. Once this is reviewed, you are ready to make reservation requests at any Dockwa marina with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To begin, "Search" for the marina that you would like to book at and find the reservation request form.  Please follow the directions below to get started:

Step 1

Select one of the boats from your profile, then select the dates you wish to make a request for. Once input, you will see a quote, for the dates you have selected (see image below)


Step 2:

By clicking "Continue to Reserve" you will be brought to the electricity requirements (if offered at the marina), where you can select your requirements.  The price of the electricity will be calculated into your reservation in the "Overview" page of the request form.


Step 3:

After selecting your electric requirements, select "Continue".  This will bring you to the "Overview" page of the reservation request form, this would be considered the Checkout page.  Here you should review all of the information is accurate, including the payment information you wish to use, any special requests you may have for the marina, as well as a full breakdown of the costs. (illustrated in image below).




Step 4:

Before completing your request, you must first agree to the marina cancellation policy and the terms of service by checking the box.


Step 5:

To complete your request simply click "Request Reservation" and your request will be submitted directly to the marina for review.

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