Setting Your Marina's Season Start and End Dates


Does your Marina have a Season Open and Close date? By setting a start and end date to your season this will restrict boaters from requesting reservations for dates that are out of season at your marina. This will automatically blackout dates that are out of season.

Please follow the steps below to set your Season Dates

  1. Log into your Marina Account on
  2. Go to Account drop-down Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Season
    • If Open Year Round - click "Open Year Round"
    • If Open For a Season - set that Start and End dates, then click "Set Season Dates"
  5. By setting an Opening Day this notifies your customers of when your marina will start accepting reservations again.

After setting your Opening Day we can work together to promote your season start and get boaters ready and excited for the season ahead. Please Contact the Dockwa Support Team for more details. 

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