Apply a Discount Manually (Marina Support)


You can apply discounts to any reservation, whether they are pending or confirmed.  

To begin, simply open the reservation you wish to edit and click the Edit button.


Once you are in the Edit screen, click on the "Add New Discount" button.  This will open a small screen where you can create and apply the discount you need.  You can select whether the discount applies to the whole reservation, dockage, or electric.  You can also select whether you would like to apply a percentage discount or a flat dollar amount.

When ready, click "Add Discount"


You now will now be back on the Edit Reservation screen, which will show the applied discount.  If everything looks good, simply click the "Update Reservation" button.  



If the Discount is applied to a confirmed reservation and a refund is warranted, you will be prompted to indicate a refund amount, which will be processed immediately.  For more information on refund management, please see here.


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