Transaction and Line Item History on a Boater's Reservation


If you, the marina, are in need of a more detailed breakdown about what dates or services were included in a recent payment or refund, you can click into view the individual line items added or removed on each transaction.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • On each reservation, you will find the Scheduled Payments Table, which includes
    • Type: Charge, Refund, Failed
    • Due Date: The date the transaction is scheduled to process
    • Processed Date: The date the transaction actually processes
    • Method: Cash, Check, Credit, Dockwa Dollars
    • Amount: Amount of transaction
    • Receipt: If processed successfully a digital receipt will be sent to the boater, you can open this link to view the receipt, print it out, or send it to the customer again
  • If you click one of the individual transaction lines this will open you to a page where you can view the Line Item breakout for that transaction

Scheduled Payments Table


Line Item Breakout QA__Dockwa___Marina_dock__slip__and_mooring_reservations_made_simple_.png

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