Marina Account Settings


Located under the Account Menu, select Settings. Here you will have access to different tools and resources for your marina's Dockwa account.


  • Add or Remove users to manage your marina's Dockwa account


  • By setting a start and end date to your season this will restrict boaters from requesting reservations for dates that are out of season at your marina. This will automatically blackout dates that are out of season. Please click the link above for more information.

Space Groups

  • Space Groups represent your docks or group of moorings, in the Dockwa product. By setting space groups you can keep track of availability on any given day by setting specific parameters of a space group. New space groups can be set for Docks and Moorings. Each group can be set by the count of available slips or mooring for a specific size vessel group. It can also be set by the available amount of linear dock space. You can set a warning threshold for each space group to warn you when there are a limited number of spaces left in that group. If you would like a more details explanation of space groups please Contact Dockwa Support.


  • The list of Slips/Moorings/Spaces available to Assign vessels too.  See Assignments Tool for more info.

Coupon Codes (Dockwa Pro Plan Only)

  • Allows you to generate coupon codes to send to customers.

Boat Charge Items

  • Here you can add and remove items that you would charge to a customer's reservation outside of Dockage and Electic.  Boat Charge Items can include but are not limited to items like ice, fuel, boat supplies, or metered electric. This tool can be used to charge virtually anything.


  • Includes information on Web Badge, Embedded Web Form, and Website Tracking through Dockwa.
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