Edit the Dates on a Boater's Confirmed Reservation


What should you do when a boater calls or sends a CHAT via Dockwa requesting to extend, reduce, or adjust the dates on their reservation? 

To process this adjustment in Dockwa, open the "Reservations" tab, search for the customer's reservation, open it, and click "EDIT".


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open the reservation you wish to adjust and press “Edit”, located in between the "Print" and "Chat" options
  2. The "Edit" tool will allow you to update the dates of arrival/departure, add/remove electric to the reservation, and change the "space type"
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  3. Once the "Edit Reservation" view has been adjusted to update to requested info, the "New Price" will update to reflect the new total balance due, if this is correct, click "Update Reservation"
    • If the update results in a refund and the customer is not eligible for a refund due to your marina's cancellation policy, click "Add Fee" and enter the amount you wish to withhold from the refund and provide a reason to the boater as to why a full refund was not provided
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  4. Once the update has been processed from the "EDIT" page you will see the "Scheduled Payments" update
    • If the price has increased the scheduled payment will either be set to charge right away or will be included in the next scheduled rebill (depending on when the update is made)
    • If the price has decreased the scheduled payment will either be set to refund the full amount right away or will remove/cancel scheduled payments for items that had been removed in the Edit
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