Edit a Confirmed Reservation (For Marinas)


To change a confirmed reservation, simply follow these steps:


Open the reservation you wish to edit and press “Edit”.


Edits can be made to any/all of the following:  Dates, Docking Type, Electric, Discounts, and Payment Type.

Reservation Edit screen 2.jpg


When you are finished editing the reservation, press the “Update Reservation” button.  This will trigger one of three notifications.

  • If the change results in an additional charge, you will see this message.

Change + Confirm.png


  • If the change results in a price reduction, which warrants a refund, you will see this message.


Edit - Refund.png


  • If the change does not result in any difference in price, you will see this message.

Edit No Change Message.png

Once the reservation has been updated, the boater will automatically receive a new confirmation for the reservation, which will reflect the new reservation details as a whole (it will not show the adjustments, just the new totals).

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