Cancel a Boater's Confirmed Reservation


What should you do when a boater calls in to cancel their reservation booked through Dockwa?

To process this cancellation in Dockwa, open the reservation in the Reservation Page on your Dockwa Dashboard. Once there, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the customer's Confirmed Reservation that needs to be cancelled (you may need to search to find their reservation using their name, email, reservation id number, or boat name).
  2. Click the red "Cancel Reservation" button in the top right corner of the reservation screen.
  3. Assess the status of their refund:
    • Refund reservation and if $0 is refunded, provide a reason to the boater as to why a refund was not given in the provided space. For example: "No refund due to cancellation policy" or "please see 24 hour notice policy"
  4. Review cancellation. Make sure the status in top right of reservation reads "Cancelled" and if a refund was sent, make sure it was processed correctly under "Scheduled Payments" section: 
    • If you'd like the boater to get the refund immediately you can click the "Settle" payment button to the right of the refund line.
    • You can tell a refund has gone through successfully by looking at the "Type" column, it will say "Refund" and have a green dot next to it if it has gone through. If you hover over the refund line, it will also give you the status of the refund by showing "refund succeeded" text. 

Please Note: If you are trying to Cancel a boaters reservation and the reservation is "Locked" (no "Edit" button) or the reservation is more than a month past the departure date please contact the Dockwa Support team for assistance cancelling the reservation. 

If a reservation is more than a month past the departure date, it is automatically locked to avoid accidents or updates on past reservations. Marina operators with Dockwa Admin Roles can edit reservations up to a month after departure. As an Admin, you can check your marina user's Role statuses by going to "Settings" in the right-hand "Account" menu, and choose the "Users" tab. 

If you need to edit or cancel a "Locked" Dockwa reservation please contact the Dockwa Support team for assistance at or send us a Chat via the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the website. You can find more information here

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