Dockwa Pro Technical Implementation


The purpose of this document is to review the technical implementation for Dockwa Pro. This document is intended for engineers, IT professionals, website administrators or other technical personnel responsible for implementing these features.  

Here is what we need to get done to integrate Dockwa Pro:


1. Setting up SSL on your website

The Dockwa marina reservation form enables your customers to make a reservation at your marina right from your website. This reservation includes their contact information, boat information, and payment details which will be collected and charged, right through the reservation form.

Because the form takes a credit card, you must make sure that your website is PCI compliant, which means enabling SSL.  There are 2 recommended ways to do this:

a. Setup SSL by using a standard SSL certificate through your web hosting company. You've probably done this for other clients, and typically runs around $100/year for the certificate.

b. Setup Cloud Flare (free plan) and enable SSL through Cloud Flare. There are instructions on how to go through this process here.


2. Installing the Dockwa JavaScript tracking code

Your Dockwa account manager will send you your Dockwa JavaScript tracking code. Installing this is as easy as installing Google Analytics. Simply paste this code just before the </body> tag on every page of your website (a global footer works best).  Let us know if you have any questions about this or if you'd like us to verify installation.


3. Setting up DKIM And SPF on your domain name

Dockwa Pro automated emails uses a proprietary system that enables us to send email on the marina's behalf. This makes sense because when the customer responds to the marina, the marina receives the response and can act accordingly.

In order to send emails on the behalf of the marina, we have to setup DKIM and SPF records on the domain name.  The Dockwa account manager will provide the names and values for the DKIM and SPF records, which we'll need you to implement.


4. Embedding the Dockwa reservation form on the "Dockage" page

Once your SSL is setup (do not embed the form before you setup SSL!), you can embed the Dockwa reservation form. The form will automatically try to re-direct any page it's on to an "https://" version of the page.

Your Dockwa account manager will supply you the Dockwa embed form code to place into your site, which you should embed as high up on the page as possible ("above the fold," if possible).

The form is responsive by default, but does use JavaScript to load certain elements, so make sure that your website CMS won't strip out any JavaScript calls. Once your

We recommend that you put this form onto your website "dockage" page. This page should also include some key elements that help with boaters making reservations:

  • Dockwa Reservation Form
  • Marina Dockage Rates
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Photos of the marina

Let us know if you need any help/assistance with this process.


5. Link to your Dockage page from your homepage

Once you have the form setup on your dockage page, you should link to this page from your homepage. Ideally, this link is in the form of a bright button that "stands out" from the rest of the elements on the page. Buttons that are placed "above the fold" do best to generate clicks, which is the goal here. This link/button should take the user directly to the dockage page to make a reservation on your newly embedded form.

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