Trouble Inputting my Safe Harbor Membership


If you are having difficulty uploading your 2020 Black Card from Safe Harbor into your Dockwa Account, please first ensure that you are eligible for benefits. To determine if you are eligible, please refer to this article:

Next, please ensure that you are entering your ID Number with your Dockwa Account with NO SPACES

If you are eligible and in possession of your Black Card, but are still having issues inputting your membership, please email and cc: with the following details: 

  • Safe Harbor Membership Number (The Number on your Black Card): 
  • Your Full name (The one listed on your contract with your Homeport): 
  • Your Homeport Marina (Where you currently hold a contract):  
  • Membership Status (Annual or Seasonal): 

With this information, the Safe Harbor Membership Team, <>, will be able to best identify the issue with your membership.  Please allow up to 48 hours for us to work with the Safe Harbor Membership Team to troubleshoot the issue. 

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