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Over the past three years we have facilitated over 100,000 reservations and the overwhelming majority of boaters using Dockwa have been enthusiastic about the experience. The most vocal critics, however, almost all point back to two things: Responsiveness and Inaccurate Availability. We strongly believe that we have developed the tools to provide every marina with the ability to be highly responsive and to accurately reflect their availability; and, as such, we have instituted a policy that is aimed at improving the boater experience. Our goal in doing so is to continue to significantly grow the Dockwa boater network, which in turn will directly benefit the marinas that use the service.

Reservations that are requested through Dockwa will be subjected to a 48 hour time limit. This means that reservations that are 'Pending' for more than two days will automatically expire. If a reservation is not able to be addressed within that timeframe, the marina can choose to extend the expiration 24 hours by directly chatting the boater on the reservation

This is a new policy, so we are eager to hear your feedback. Please submit any additional questions and concerns directly through this link


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