Re-Run Credit Card on a Reservation after Payment is Declined


What do I do if one of my guest's payments fail?  How do I re-run payment to collect for the outstanding balance in Dockwa?

To re-run the payment on the failed transaction, confirm with the guest their card info on file is up to date, once the card on file is correct and attached to the reservation click the "Retry" button on the failed transaction to attempt to reprocess the payment due.

Video Instructions:



Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open the Unpaid Reservation
  2. Click "Edit Payment"
    • Select the Card you would like to re-run payment on or enter a new card
    • Click "Update Payment"
  3. Once the desired card is linked to the reservation, click the "Retry" button on the failed transaction (highlighted in red) to reattempt payment on that card
    • If the reattempt to collect is successful, the transaction will post in green and the customer will be sent a digital receipt for the payment
    • If the reattempt fails, please review the following helpdesk article: Managing Payment Declines & Unpaid Reservations
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