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You have selected a specific marina and know the dates that you want, but when you get to the Marina's page on Dockwa, the dates are "Blacked Out". If you are running into this situation or simply want to add yourself to a marina's Waitlist, please follow the directions listed below: 

  1. Log in to Dockwa (Help can be found HERE
  2. Navigate to the Marina's Boater Page (Help can be found HERE)
  3. Enter your Boat's Length or select a boat from your profile
  4. Click "Arrival" and under the Calendar you should see "Join the Waitlist" 
  5. Enter Relevant Information:
    • Select your desired First Day and Last Day
    • Choose preferred space type (Dock or Mooring) 
    • Enter in any special requests you might have (slip request, part of a group, etc.)
    • Click the red "Join the Waitlist" button at bottom.

You have added your intended Trip to the marina's waitlist!

Please note: This does not mean you have a reservation. It only marks your intention to stay those dates to the marina. You may not receive a reservation for those dates. In the event that you do, here are the next steps: Will the Marina Contact me Prior to Confirming me off the Waitlist

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