Creating New Boat Charge "Items" From the Reservation


If you find that you need to charge a customer for something other than dockage or electric you can do so with Boat Charges. You will first need to create the Boat Charge item to be added to the reservation. Please do so by following these instructions:

  1. From the Boat Charges tab above the Scheduled Payments Section
    • Click the "Add Boat Charge" button found in the Boat Charges tab 
    • Click the blue "Create New Item" link and:
      • Choose a Category
      • Name your item something recognizable
      • Enter a tax rate percentage if applicable 
      • Add a price per item if applicable
      • Click "Create Item"
    •  Once you have created a new item, you will be able to charge this item to a boater from their reservation page

      (Find instructions here) 


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