Update a Reservation to Account for a Cash Payment


What if a customer arrives and they decide they want to pay for their remaining balance in cash?

First, please note that the Dockwa Deposit Billing System is designed to collect a deposit and then automatically collect the remaining balance on the date of arrival at the marina's check-in time.  So even if a customer gives you cash for their remaining balance, the Dockwa reservation would need to be updated prior to check-in to avoid the customer getting double charged.

There are also instances where the automated billing for the reaming balance fails / is declined and instead of having the customer provide you with a new card, where you could then Manually Re-Run the Charges after a Failed Payment, the customer decides it is easier to pay with cash.

How would you go about updating these reservations to reflect the cash payment?

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open the Reservation
  2. Click "Edit Payment"
    • Change "Payment Type" from "Credit Card" to "Settle Manually"
    • Click "Update Payment Method"
  3. Once the "Settle Manually" is the default payment type on the reservation, you will see an option to "Settle" the remaining balance.
    • Click "Settle"
    • Select the Cash or Check as the payment method
    • Review, agree it is correct, and "Settle Payment"
  4. Once settled manually


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