Update a Reservation to Account for Cash Payment


What if a customer arrives and they decide they want to pay for their remaining balance in cash?

In this situation, we would first advise that you let the Dockwa reservation collect the remaining balance automatically off of the credit card provided at the time of confirmation.  The Dockwa Deposit Billing System is designed to collect a deposit and then automatically collect the remaining balance on the date of arrival at the marina's check-in time.  So even if a customer gives you cash for their remaining balance, the Dockwa reservation would need to be updated prior to check-in to avoid the customer getting double charged.

There are also instances where the automatic rebill for the reaming balance fails and instead of providing a new card, where you could then Manually Re-Run the Charges after a Failed Payment, the customer decides it is easier to pay with cash.

How would you go about updating these reservations to reflect the cash payment?

You will need to contact the Dockwa Support Team directly.  Our Team has a tool that will allow us to mark the reaming balance as Paid in Cash.  Email mayday@dockwa.com with the following information:

  • Reservation ID Number
  • Amount of Cash Collected
  • The reason that the customer decided to pay with cash

Please Note: We advise against any other workarounds or hacks that you may have created or discovered to account for a cash payment collection on reservations set up on Deposit Billing.  We are still researching tools that would allow you (the marina) to process these types of updates on your end. Please feel free to share with us any feedback that you may have that would help us to understand how often this happens at your marina.

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