Create a Reservation for Customers on Your Waitlist


You've had a slip/mooring open up at the last minute and you'd like to fill it from your waitlist. You can create a new reservation for a boater FROM their waitlist request so that the information in the waitlist is transferred over to the reservation automatically. Please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Select "Waitlist" the Marina Navigation Panel (left-hand menu)
    • Click on the "View" button to open the waitlist request
  2. From the waitlist request, click on the green "Make Reservation" button
  3. Enter in any required information (the waitlist request will fill in everything but the power and credit card if one was not added into the customer's account prior)
    • Click the green "Create Reservation" button to Confirm the reservation

Once the reservation is created successfully from a waitlist request, that request will be crossed off the list. This way, you can see it has been used, but the information is still visible if you need to come back to it later. 


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