Add boats to your Contract Group


Once you have created your Contract Groups (Instructions Here), we are going to want to add specific Customers to the group this is also known as "Adding a Boat". Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Find the Contract Group that you want the Boat to go into and click "Add Boat"
  2. Add or Find the customer that you want to send the Contract (Double Check the Email!)
  3. Click "Save Contract" at the bottom 

This will create a draft of a new contract for that specific customer based on the Contract Group that you assigned it, it will not send the contract to the customer until you are ready.

If you need to edit an individual customer's contract, maybe to update a custom billing date or provide that customer with a discount, you can do by following the instructions here to Edit Contract Settings. It is important to note that editing an individual contract WILL NOT adjust the default settings of the Contract Group (specified at the top of that specific Contract Group page), it will only adjust the setting for that individual contract.

If the contract is ready to be sent to the customer to proceed to the final step of Reviewing and Sending out Contracts.

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