2020 Safe Harbor Marina Membership Requirements


All eligible members of the Safe Harbor Marina membership program will receive the below benefits, see SHMarinas.com for more information.

  • Annual Membership benefit: 10 free nights
  • Seasonal Membership benefit: 2 free nights

Newly acquired Safe Harbor properties are subject to a 90-day onboarding period during which Safe Harbor
Membership Benefits are not eligible for use by existing Members at those properties (this includes transient nights and fuel and retail discounts). Members of newly acquired properties are also subject to a 90-day onboarding period in which they are not eligible for Black Card benefits.

Rules and Regulations:

1. SH Members must meet ONE of the following two requirements to qualify as an Annual Member
     A. Individual must be signed to a current annual storage/slippage lease agreement
- OR - 
     B. Individual must be a current storage/slippage customer for twelve consecutive months or more                     (looking back). 

2. SH Members must meet ONE of the following two requirements to qualify as a Seasonal Member:
     A. Individual must be signed to a current summer dockage contract (slip lease or in/out rack lease).  
- OR -   
     B. Individual must be signed to a current winter storage contract. 


  • Fuel Discounts do not apply at leased fuel docks, retail operations or properties that are third-party managed by Safe Harbor Marinas. 
  • Fuel Discounts are not valid for commercial operations and operators.
  • Fuel Discounts cannot be combined with negotiated volume discounts.
  • Your Black Card must be present in order to receive fuel and retail discounts.

4. All SHM Loyalty Program benefits, including transient night stays, are ONLY redeemable during the             calendar year in which they were issued. Unused benefits DO NOT roll over to the following year. 

5. In order to receive SHM Black Card benefits, a SHM Member must have a credit card on file at their            home marina and maintain a current account. 

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