Dockwa Dollars: Boater Referral Program


Introducing: Dockwa Dollars! Refer friends to join Dockwa and earn $10 when they complete their first reservation - they'll get $15 off their first reservation too!

When you tell your friends about Dockwa, share your unique Dockwa referral code with them. When your friends book their first trip with Dockwa, they will be able to enter your referral code at checkout. This will give them $15 off their reservation. Once they complete their first stay at a Dockwa marina, you will earn $10 Dockwa Dollars, to be applied to your next Dockwa reservation.

  • How do I give my friend my code and get my discount? click here!
  • How do I use a referral code given to me by a friend? click here! 

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