Billing Option: Cash & Check How To


We have made some changes to how we handle direct payments such as cash and check. You now have the following options available in the payments dropdown when creating a reservation. 

"Collect direct payment" will allow you to recognize non-credit card payments in Dockwa and properly account for them. 


  • You will be able to pay off any remaining balance or next payment due with a direct payment.

  • Additionally you now have the ability to turn on "Direct Payment" as an option for your contracts.

  • Once this is turned on Boaters will be able to select this option on their contract signature page.


  • Finally, we have added some additional details in our Payments reporting to make accounting for these direct payments easier.  You will now see a new "Method" column in payment reporting. This will identify "Direct" vs "Credit" transaction types. 


If you have any questions about this new billing option, please contact us at


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