Manually Enter a Reservation for a Boater who has paid in Cash


What should I do if a boater has paid for their reservation in cash (or check) and left the dock already but you want them entered into Dockwa? 

In this case you can create a manual reservation for this boater using the usual process in Dockwa, instructions here, but instead of choosing a saved credit card, you will choose the "Settle Manually (Cash & Check)" option. 

  • You will be able to pay off any remaining balance or next payment due with a direct payment.

  • Additionally you now have the ability to turn on "Direct Payment" as an option for your contracts.

  • Once this is turned on Boaters will be able to select this option on their contract signature page.

  • Finally, we have added some additional details in our Payments reporting to make accounting for these direct payments easier. You will now see a new "Method" column in payment reporting. This will identify "Direct" vs "Credit" transaction types. 


If you have any questions about this new billing option, please contact us at


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