Add Discounts and Service Fees on Custom Billing Reservation


When editing a reservation that has been confirmed using the Customized Billing option, you can add discounts, electric, and other service fees via the "Customized Billing" button on the reservation's "EDIT" page. Follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Reservation
  • Open the "EDIT" page of the reservation
  • Under Payment Details, click the "Customized Billing" link
    • Once opened, find "Fees & Discounts', then select one of the options from the category drop down options
    • Add the Name and Amount
    • Click "Apply"
    • Then click "Save" to update the Custom Billing terms
  • Finally, review the changes that have been made on the "EDIT" screen and if all looks good click "Update Reservation" to process the update and any associated refunds or charges.
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