Custom Billing: Add Discounts, Electric, and Service Fees to a Boater's Confirmed Reservation


This article pertains specifically to reservations set up on Custom Billing


When editing a reservation that has been confirmed using the Customized Billing option, you can add discounts, electric, and other service fees via the "EDIT" page.

  • Open the Reservation
  • Open the "EDIT" page of the reservation
  • Find "Fees & Discounts", then select one of the options from the category drop-down options
    • Add the Name and Amount
    • Click "Apply"
    • Then click "Update Reservation" to apply the discount, electric, or fee to the confirmed custom billing reservation
  • Once the update has been processed from the "EDIT" page you will see the "Scheduled Payments" update
    • If the price has increased the scheduled payment will either be set to charge right away or will be included in the next scheduled rebill (depending on when the update is made)
    • If the price has decreased the scheduled payment will either be set to refund the full amount right away or will remove/cancel scheduled payments for items that had been removed in the Edit
      • For more information on scheduled payments, please review:  [Article Coming Soon]





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