Safe Harbor: Apply Safe Harbor Free Nights Manually


If a Safe Harbor boater has requested a reservation at your marina and they neglected to enter their Safe Harbor Blackcard information during check out, you, the marina, can enter a manual discount for the boater to their reservation which will then deduct from the Free Nights linked to their contact.

Please follow the instructions below to create a manual discount for the boater:

  1. From the Reservations page, search the boater's name and click to open their reservation.
  2. Once on the reservation, click on the Discounts tab and then "Add Discount" - located underneath the reservation and customer note sections. 
  3. From the Discounts page, select/enter the following information, then click the green "Apply Discount" button:
    • Apply Discount To: Dockage & Electric
    • Amount: 100
    • Unit: Percentage
    • Reason: Safe Harbor Member Discount
  4. Once you have clicked the Apply Discount button, you will be brought back to the main reservation screen where you will see that the manual discount has been applied to the total bill under the Scheduled Payments section. The total bill will now read $0.00.

Please Note: You can also create a Manual reservation for a boater if they are at your marina and having trouble with Dockwa or on the water and unable to access Dockwa. Instructions for manual entry can be found linked below:


"Add Discount" Button


"New Discount" Entry



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