User Role Definitions: Admin Permissions and Notifications


When Adding a New User to your account via the "Users" settlings page, you are required to choose which role you'd like them to have. This controls the level of access to your Dockwa account they will have, i.e. what they will be able to see and do in Dockwa, and what they will be notified of. Please see the below the definitions of each role. 

Admin: (Most Permissions)

These users have access to all settings, including the ability to add users, change user permissions and configure bank account information. Admins can make edits and updates to confirmed reservations up to a month after the departure date, then they will be locked and they will need to contact Dockwa.

Default Email Notifications: Dockmaster & Financial


These users can view, edit, accept, decline and refund reservations. They do not have access to administrative settings like this page and configuring bank information.  Dockmasters can make edits and updates to confirmed reservations up to seven days after the departure date, then they will be locked and they will need to contact an Admin or Dockwa.

Default Email Notifications: Dockmaster Only


Finance user role is similar to the Viewer role (see below), except they have access to all of the financial tools and have the ability to configure bank information. We suggest this role for staff members such as town accountants who need access to pull finance reports from Dockwa but do not need to do much else. We recommend this role check out: Financial Reports and Exports Helpcenter

Default Email Notifications: Financial Only

Viewer: (Least Permissions)

These users can view most data on Dockwa like reservations, but can't accept, decline, or make changes to anything. Additionally, these users cannot export any data.

Default Email Notifications: None 

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For any questions you may have regarding email or text notifications, please contact the Dockwa Support Team by submitting a request here:  Submit a Request

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