Application and Management of Customer's Credits from Past Reservations


Does your marina offer credit toward future stays to boaters who have to cancel their reservations?
If so, find instructions below on the best way to keep track of your boater's credits in Dockwa.

To manage the storage, communication, and application of your customer’s “store credits” at your marina via Dockwa, follow the step by step below:

  1. First, indicate your credit policy in your "Adjustment fee" description to the boater during the cancellation/refund process so they are not confused or expecting their money back
  2. Next, communicate this to the customer directly via the Dockwa Chat tool (chat instructions here)
    • Include the exact credit amount and the expiration date of the credit
  3. For internal management of this credit, use the "Customer Note" tool available on the boater's reservation. This Customer Note will remain in the customer's contact profile and will show up on all past and future reservations at your marina, so everyone will be able to see that they have a credit. The note can be deleted once redeemed.
    • Include in the note the exact amount, expiration season/date, the staff member name who authorized the credit, and the Reservation ID number the funds were withheld from.
  4. Once you receive the next reservation for that boater, you can process a discount for the amount previously held as a credit.


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