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If you are signing an agreement via Dockwa with the marina you store your boat at, you will need to ensure all of the steps are completed and that your agreement is successfully submitted.  You will be notified of successful submission when we send you an email with a copy of the signed agreement.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Open your contract quote via the email, "Sign Agreement Online" button
  • Once in the contract quote/review page, follow the steps to complete the agreement and payment option
    1. Review and Sign agreement after reviewing the contract and terms
    2. Choose Payment Option
      • Credit Card (will set all scheduled payments to process automatically)
      • Cash, Check, or ACH (requires that you physically drop off or send your money to the marina by the due date to avoid penalties)
    3. Complete your Insurance and Registration Information (Optional at some marinas)
    4. Finish Step: Agree to terms of service and click "Submit Agreement"

You will know the agreement has been successfully submitted when you receive the following message, "Agreement Completed: You successfully signed your agreement."


NOTE: The digital contract CAN NOT be completed on Internet Explorer as this web browser is no longer supported by Dockwa.

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